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Extreme Yogi Survives 80-Foot Fall, Proves Yoga Works

For those who knock the health benefits of yoga, we give you Alexa Terrazas, a Mexican college student who fell 80 feet from her apartment balcony and survived by practicing “extreme yoga.” After slipping from her sixth-floor balcony while hanging upside-down from the wrong end of the railing, Terrazas navigated a mid-air triple axel, then stuck the landing with a powerful Warrior pose. Three long chants of “om” later, she dusted herself off and went for falafel.

While yoga is widely practiced to help with focus, breathing, flexibility, and core strength, few practitioners realize the extent these benefits can have when combined with extreme yoga. Dangerous accidents that were once catastrophic are now commonplace with the aid of these ancient techniques. See if you have what it takes to walk the path of the extreme yogi today with these eight pragmatic poses handed down from the guardians of wisdom.

Photo: Katarna Mittkov / EyeEm (Getty Images)

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