Woman Puts Octopus on Her Face, Wins Photo Contest (Reward Goes Toward Hospital Bills)

There are more than enough dumb things people do that make you question the future of humanity, like putting a live octopus on your face. One woman, Jamie Bisceglia, didn’t find it all that obvious to avoid and paid the price with a trip to the hospital after severe swelling and partial paralysis. Apparently, she didn’t realize that the octopus could clamp down on her chin, but surprise, it did. Then, Bisceglia began bleeding all over the place. What makes this even more ridiculous is this lady waited two whole days before seeking medical attention. Doing so allowed her arm to swell up “like an elephant,” according to the report. Additionally, the left side of her face was paralyzed. She did, however, win a photo contest with a grand prize of $100, which is a great start in paying off her latest hospital bill.

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So what have you put on your face lately?

Cover: John M. Lund Photography Inc. (Getty Images)

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