It Has Begun: People Are Getting Microchip Implants to Replace Credit Cards

Does anyone carry cash anymore? You’re probably like most people and pay with a card swipe. Then there are people like these who dumped cards, too, and simply have microchips inserted into their bodies. A growing number of people in Sweden are having chips implanted under the skin of their hands as a means of replacing traditional currency. The chips also have the ability to act as keys to locked doors and monitors for your health. There’s a Black Mirror episode on this whole thing and, not going to lie, we’re kind of creeped out.

Sweden has already started moving towards eliminating cash and soon they’ll just have to wave at the guy behind the counter to make purchases — literally. The creator of the microchips, Jowan Österlund, aims to produce chips that will work on nearly every continent in the world. All he needs is some investors, so if you have some cash to spend, just throw it his way and it’ll be returned to you in the form of a chip in your hand. There’s no telling how far this technology will go, but it seems like its well on its way to becoming more of an everyday thing. There is no doubt it will be the handiest way to pay for things.

Cover Photo: MirageC (Getty Images)

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