We’re Spending a Ton of Money Drunk Shopping Online

Have you ever found yourself throwing back a few with your friends, then later going on some sort of shopping app to browse drunkenly? It’s happened to all of us at some point. As it turns out, it’s happened a lot more than you think.

According to a study done by Thinkruptor, drunk shopping has translated to a billion-dollar business for retailers. With every shot, dollars fly out of our bank accounts and go into the pockets of the suits at places like Amazon, Target, and so on. Looks like the phrase “tap to buy” now describes the journey from ordering a beer to purchasing that VR headset you had on your wishlist.

In the United States alone, our drunk asses made inebriated purchasing a $45 billion industry. That’s a whole lot of money spent because we told ourselves “one more won’t hurt” when we really had about three more. And you thought your bar tab was high.

With these purchases comes what a lot of us have experienced from a night of binging drinks — regret. Most of the 2,174 people surveyed said they regretted making their purchases when they were too tossed to make better decisions. Some, when they were hungover, returned their purchased items. Others, however, kept that awesome arcade game that takes up too much room in their apartment.

The next time you go out for drinks, make sure you give your phone to the designated driver. Not only are they good to hold your keys, but they’ll also save you from being overdrawn in your checking account.

Cover Photo: Hero Images (Getty Images)

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