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Meanwhile on TikTok: Amazon Delivery Turns One Florida Shopper into Instant Hoarder (And We Thought Our Shopping Habits Were Bad)

We’ve all gone a little too far down the online shopping wormhole, but nothing compares to one Florida man who ordered so many packages they couldn’t even fit inside his house. And luckily, the whole thing was caught on TikTok in a video that will blow your mind.

After a neighbor heard a commotion in her front yard, she peeked outside to find a squad of Amazon delivery vans unloading an absurd amount of packages onto her neighbor’s doorstep. Absurd quickly turned into surreal when the packages didn’t stop coming, eventually stacking up so high they towered above the one-story house.

Check out the insanity below:

@cassie5616When that PPP loan drops ##viral ##fypシ ##amazon ##ppploan ##daytonabeach♬ Myself – Bazzi

The video has quickly gone viral as minds are boggled at the sheer size of the delivery. Not even Jeff Bezos himself has received this many Amazon packages in his life. In fact, the bundle was so enormous, it took three days before the last box was hauled away – as seen in this follow-up post:

@cassie5616Let me mind my business and finish walking my pet catfish ##foryoupage ##foryou ##fypシ ##viral♬ Let’s Do It Again – J Boog

The biggest question now is, what the hell was in all those boxes? Did TikTok just accidentally uncover someone doing something, um, extracurricular? Could it be one of the mysterious suppliers to the Space Force training program?

Nah. It’s probably just a bunch of cookies this friendly neighbor is planning to take around to all the hungry, drunk people in Florida. (They’re gonna need a bigger truck.)

Cover Photo: TikTok (@cassie5616)

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