Quarantine Gold: Woman Using Face Mask to Pick Up Dog Poop Before Putting It Back on Is Still Our Favorite Pandemic Fail

Photo: instagram.com/thefatjewish/

Sometimes we forget how long the COVID pandemic has been going on because this new normal has become just that: normal. We’re used to wearing masks inside if a business still requires it, we got vaccinated but are still cautious of strangers who might not have gotten the jab, we’re also keenly aware of the Delta variant that’s rampaging through unvaccinated communities. Throughout all of this, most of our lives have gone back to at least a semblance of normalcy. That’s why it’s always so strange when we see a one-year anniversary of a COVID-related event that went viral.

Yes, that’s right. It’s the one-year anniversary of the potentially the strangest, most confusing, disgusting viral video that surfaced during the pandemic. Thanks to a post on Instagram by TheFatJewish, we know that it’s been a year since a woman was caught on camera picking up dog poop using her face mask, throwing said dog feces away, and then putting the mask back on her face.


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Don’t believe us, watch the video. It’s all there. In the year since this insane moment in human history occurred, we’ve watched it countless times. We still don’t understand what she was thinking. Either leave the poop or don’t put the mask back on, it’s pretty simple. No amount of logical thinking would bring you to the idea of putting the poop-smeared mask back on your face. Check back next year for the two-year anniversary because we plan to celebrate this head-scratching achievement in human history every single year.