Magic Mushrooms for microdosing being held in man hands. Psilocybin psychedelic therapy.

Internet People Claim Magic Mushrooms Restore Taste and Smell Lost to Covid, Or It Could Just Be the Shrooms

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, people were using social media to share stories about how getting Covid affected their health. One of the most unusual symptoms of the virus was anosmia-ageusia, or the loss of taste and smell.

TikTokers had a blast eating things one normally wouldn’t (like a whole onion) without blinking an eye (much less tearing up) because they couldn’t taste or smell them. But now, two years into this ridiculous “new normal,” people are looking for remedies to reverse the damage Covid has done.

The latest trend in Covid cures is psychedelic mushrooms. Mel Magazine recently profiled people who claimed that the drug restored their sense of taste and smell, like a 30-year-old from Utah (identified only as Morgan) who lost their sense of taste and smell after getting Covid last spring. When they started micro-dosing with magic mushrooms to treat their depression, however, they noticed phantom smells. They started macrodosing, preparing ‘shrooms with ginger tea and lemon juice and bam! Their sense of smell returned.

“When I picked up a gingersnap cookie, I could smell the ginger, sugar and spice,” he told the outlet. “I was sniffing everything with a nice or appetizing scent in my house with a manic grin.”

It took several trips for their sense of smell to return permanently and consistently, but as far as home remedies go, this one sounds pretty painless – and like a lot of fun.

We never need an excuse to get high, but since there’s no end in sight to this godforsaken pandemic, we’ll take it.

Cover Photo: 24K-Production (Getty Images)



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