Meanwhile in Pandemic Travel: Teacher Who Tested Positive for Covid Mid-Flight Isolates for 5 hours in Plane Bathroom (Sure Beats Flying Coach)

A woman from Michigan redefined the concept of First Class air travel in the Age of Coronavirus. Marisa Fotieo is a teacher whose throat started hurting in the middle of a flight from Chicago to Iceland. She happened to have a few Covid tests handy, so she took one.

“I just took my rapid test and I brought it into the bathroom, and within what felt like two seconds there were two lines (indicating a positive test),” Fotieo told Today. “There’s 150 people on the flight, and my biggest fear was giving it to them.”

Rather than expose her fellow travelers to the super-spreadable virus, she isolated in the tiny airplane bathroom for the remaining five hours of her flight.

“Shout out to @Icelandair for my VIP quarantine quarters,” she captioned a now-viral TikTok video of the experience.

@marisaefotieoShout out to @Icelandair for my VIP quarantine quarters.. #luxuryliving #imsolucky #covid #vaccinated #fyp #viralvideotiktok #quarantine

♬ I’m So Lucky Lucky – Grandzz

Flight attendant Ragnhildur “Rocky” Eiríksdóttir ensured that Fotieo was comfortable during her journey, bringing her food and water, and reassuring her that she would be OK. The crew even sent a mini-Christmas tree to the Red Cross hotel room where she had to isolate after arriving in Iceland’s capital.

Covid diagnosis aside, we have to say: is this the future of flying? And if so, is it that bad? Seems kind of cushy to have your own private toilet, a door you can close, and complete privacy on an airplane. In fact, we think this set-up is preferable to flying Coach. How long until the airlines figure out how to make personal WCs the norm for every flight?

Cover Photo: TikTok



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