Mandatory Tweets: Best Reactions to Tom’s Last Laugh in ‘Succession’s Season 3 Finale

Mandatory Tweets: Best Reactions to Tom’s Last Laugh in ‘Succession’s Season 3 Finale

In Sunday’s finale of Succession, “All The Bells Say,” Mother’s dinner bell did not ring, yet all the Roy children were at Logan’s table. Like previous finales, season 3 ended with a massive cliffhanger as Logan brought down the gavel. Before we get into this: the following contains huge spoilers, so if you’re not caught up, it’s best you turn away and work on building “your own fucking pile.” 

On top of Kendall telling his siblings about his waiter friend, Logan sold Waystar to GoJo’s Lukas Matsson. In Succession’s third act, Shiv, Roman, and Kendall become the Three Musketeers, breaking into Logan’s Italian villa. However, instead of fighting for justice, the “Noisy Pedestrians (as Logan calls them)” intend on denying a super-majority vote needed to approve the GoJo deal. Unfortunately, Logan knew they were coming and made a deal with his ex-wife, relinquishing his children of their voice and, in turn, their positions with Waystar.  

Angry Matthew Macfadyen GIF by SuccessionHBO

It would seem that Tom betrayed Shiv spilled the beans. Wouldn’t you? It’s really hard to feel bad for Shiv given her Jada/Will treatment of Tom.

Fans of the HBO series took to Twitter to react to Logan (and Tom) getting the last laugh. Take a look at the best reactions below.

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And with that, we shall x amount time for the next episode.


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