Succession’s Tom-Greg Bromance Makes For an Awkward Power Couple For the Ages, But Who Will Screw Over Who in the End?

When it comes to favorite TV couples, our compass is currently steering away from the heteronormative match-ups you’d expect. Right now our current obsession is the dog-eat-dog budding power couple known as the Tom-Greg. And if you’re not following the ambiguous bromance that is Tom Wambsgans and Greg Hirsch from HBO’s Succession, you’re wasting your life.

If you need a refresher, the dynamic duo meet when “Cousin Greg” comes to New York seeking a job in his uncle Logan Roy’s media, resort, and amusement park conglomerate WayStar Royco. Tom – who is married to Logan Roy’s only daughter, Siobhan – takes Greg under his wing, eventually making him an executive assistant.

Both are a little naïve at the beginning of the series but soon learn to scheme and backstab like the rest of the ladder-climbing Roy family members. They become forever beholden to one another after destroying incriminating company documents and begin to bond deeper when both end up facing the possibility of prison time.

Their banter often borders on flirtatious and their relationship could be considered codependent. When taken out of context, their interactions have all the makings of a perfect rom-com.

While most fans of the family drama focus on the Roys, Tom and Greg – played perfectly by Matthew Macfadyen and Nicholas Braun – are truly the most fun characters to follow on the show. In fact, the actors have even waxed poetic about a spinoff.

As Braun told Collider in a recent interview: “Matthew and I have spoken about how nice it would be to be in a land where Tom and Greg are just dropped and they’re told, “You’re gonna be here for five years,” by Logan. They could go to Japan or Dubai. It could be Tom and Greg in a foreign land, as bosses of a branch of WayStar. It’d be fun to see those two guys dropped in somewhere.”

We would totally tune in for that, or for the aforementioned rom-com idea. For now, we’ll settle for watching the awkward power couple battle it out…or rather, throw one another under the bus. Who will screw over who in the end? We don’t know (though we’re leaning towards Tom).

In honor of this bromance for the ages, here are our favorite GIFs of Tom and Greg together.

Cover Photo: HBO


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