Our 19 Favorite ‘Succession’ Quotes in GIFS as We Prepare to Watch Papa Grind Kendall’s Bones

If you saw the teaser trailer released for Succession season 3, then you know Papa Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is going to grind Kendall’s (Jeremy Strong) bones to makes his bread. The third season of HBO’s satirical look at elitism will pick up where season 2 left off; instead of taking the fall for hiding Waystar RoyCo’s years of sexual misconduct, Kendall exposed his father for being terrible to the wait staff. Although, it is a bummer when cold butter rips a good roll. 

Lines are being drawn and Jac…er Kendall is gonna run up the fucking beanstalk. Who will ultimately end up in charge? Will Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) finally usurp Tom (Matthew Macfadyen)? As we prepare to watch the long-waiting (the last episode aired in 2019) return of these horrible characters and their witty dialogue this October, here are our 15 favorite Succession quotes in gifs. 

Cover Photo: HBO

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