Mandatory Predictions: 3 Major Guesses as to the Surprise Ending For Succession Season 3

Following an incredibly toxic wedding and (and Emmy-worthy) dinner date between Daddy Roy and the once heir apparent, Kendall, the latter found himself face first, passed out, drunk, in a pool at the end of Succession’s penultimate episode of season 3. As the beer bottle floats away, his breathing appears to stop, and the screen went black. It was all very reminiscent of BoJack Horseman.

Now, everyone is eagle-eyeing the promo for Succession’s season finale hoping to see Jeremy Strong somewhere in the frame. But, of course, they can’t. While Jesse Armstrong’s dramedy certainly doesn’t provoke the kind of speculation associated with the MCU (mostly because there’s no telling what will happen: who thought Roman would end up sending Logan a dick pic?), we’re going to take 3 major guesses as to Sunday’s surprising ending for this season—from Kendall’s fate to the future of Waystar Royco. 

Cover Photo: HBO

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