The Roman Roy ‘Succession’ Guide to Being an Articulate Wise-Ass Everyone Can Love

Succession manages to be equally dark and hilarious. If it weren’t for Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin), Succession’s dramedy tightrope act might topple over into the abyss (nah, we’d still have Tom and Greg). As Logan’s youngest son, Roman is cocky, immature, and irreverent, appearing to take no interest in the family business (except it’s all an act).

No one takes Roman seriously, and he knows it, allowing him to say whatever he wants. His father (as well as his siblings) is reluctant to give him any position of authority because of his status as a Shakespearean fool. A demented Chandler Bing, if you will. Fortunately for Roman, this makes him a cornerstone of Succession. Even when we hate him for jerking off in the office, we remember that his brothers used to lock him in a dog cage for hours on end. That said, Roman’s sardonic personality is not only understandable but, dare we say, endearing. With all that madness in mind, here’s The Roman Roy Guide to Being an Articulate Wise-Ass Everyone Can Love.

Cover Photo: HBO

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