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The Logan Roy Guide to Perfect Parenting So Your Kids Can Successfully Take Over the Family Business

If you haven’t yet watched HBO’s Succession, then find a friend that has HBO Max and make them lend you their security credentials ASAP. While Game of Thrones made every attempt to fill the void left by The Sopranos on HBO, it never really reached the heights that Succession has. The HBO series is a brilliant and satirical roman a’ clef of the powerful Murdoch family. Logan Roy is the seemingly indestructible patriarch of rival sons and a daughter vying to take over his fiercely conservative news channel empire.

But this series is so much more than just satirizing an arcane and uber-wealthy family. Rather, its primary goal is to show all the warts of the elite and the weirdness of rich people. It’s Shakespearean in both its acting and brilliant zingers, but it also highlights the familial psychology of Freud, Greek tragedy, and King Lear (a role starring actor Brian Cox actually played).

Naturally, Mr. Roy has all the cuddliness and likability of an eel. Nonetheless, you still can’t help but root for the bastard in some weird and perverse way. Even if he’s not winning any Father of the Year Awards, Logan assumed custody of his kids so that he could use them as bargaining chips and, ultimately, raise them to become the severely broken people they are.

In honor of this bad dad who is somehow still at the helm of the family business, we put together this Logan Roy guide to perfect parenting.

Cover Photo: Macall Polay / HBO