The Kendall Roy ‘Succession’ Masterclass to Building an Empire When You’re Dead Inside

Building and maintaining an empire isn’t easy when your father (and quasi-out-of-commission CEO) just won’t die. At least this is the case for Succession‘s Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) who not only happens to be at the center of the powerful family battling for control of Waystar Royco, but is dead inside. As the second-oldest son of Logan Roy (Brian Cox), Kendall is in a prime position to take over as CEO when his father retires. Unfortunately, Logan doesn’t appear to be going anywhere and, even if he does relinquish his power, has no intention of passing the torch to his spoiled children—let alone the son he considers to be a weakling. 

In a series plagued with unlikeable people, Kendall is somehow the most sympathetic (aside from Greg). Don’t get us wrong, he’s as manipulative and deranged as the rest of his family members; however, given an incredibly complex relationship with his father, you can’t blame the guy. Still, Kendall manages to run the company and stake his claim as Waystar’s rightful heir (even when he’s an empty shell of a man and Logan thinks it’s checkmate). That said, here’s The Kendall Roy Masterclass to Building an Empire When You’re Dead Inside.

Cover Photo: HBO

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