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Unlikely ‘Sex and the City’ Fan Jonah Hill Pokes Major Hole in ‘And Just Like That’ Premiere, And Why Are We Watching This Crap?

We’re guessing you don’t watch And Just Like That, HBO Max’s reboot of the iconic female friendship-based dramedy Sex and the City, so we won’t even bother warning of spoilers. But you know who does watch the show? Jonah Hill, apparently.

The Superbad actor recently revealed his guilty pleasure with an Instagram post that posed a crucial question about the show’s premiere episode, which aired last week.


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“But why didn’t Carrie call 911 immediately?” read the screenshot of a note app.

Those who did tune in to the reboot know that after several lovely scenes of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, cooking, dancing, singing, and canoodling with her husband, John James Preston (aka Mr. Big), she came home to find him collapsed in the shower. Big, who has a history of heart troubles, suffered a heart attack after his 1,000th Peloton ride.

While Carrie rushes over to Big as soon as she sees him, she doesn’t do anything to help him, like, oh, call the paramedics or attempt CPR. Instead, all viewers hear is voiceover: “And just like that, Big died.”

It was a devastating start to what has already been panned by critics as a totally unnecessary, awkward, and awful sequel to a series that ended satisfyingly before being spun off into two terrible films and now the reboot.

So, no, if you haven’t been an SATC stan for years, don’t bother to start watching now. We just find it amusing that someone like Hill got roped into this estrogen-heavy drama, and felt strongly enough about the Big plot twist to post about it on social media. That phenomenon, by far, is more entertaining than the reboot could ever be.

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