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Mandatory TV Battles: ‘The Golden Girls’ v. HBO’s ‘Sex and the City’ Reboot

Fans of female-centric TV were shocked when a Twitter user recently revealed that the characters on the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, are the same age as those on ‘80s sitcom The Golden Girls.

Only one of the And Just Like That stars has gray hair (Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda), and none of them strike us as “old” (or even of retirement age), so the comparison came as a harsh reality check – or a celebration of how aging has changed, depending on your perspective.

Either way, the revelation got us thinking: which show featuring mature women is better? Actresses of a certain age may look better these days than they did in the ‘80s (thanks Botox, plastic surgery, and liposuction) but do they make better TV? That is debatable. So let’s debate! Without further ado, we pit the silver-maned ladies from the NBC series with the modern fashionistas of HBO Max. Only one group of gals will come out on top!

Cover Photos: NBC / HBO Max


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