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Carrie Bradshaw’s ‘Sex and the City’ Apartment Available to Rent at ‘Bargain’ Price (Sex Not Included)

For those obsessed with all things Sex and the City, here’s your chance to live just a sliver of Carrie Bradshaw’s enviable life. The protagonist of the HBO series, which has a reboot titled And Just Like That dropping in December, is the inspiration behind a new pad on Airbnb – that you can rent for a bargain price.

Located in the ritzy Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, the brownstone abode is available for a mere $23 a night – a real steal considering that in today’s market, Bradshaw’s cozy nook would actually cost at least $3K a month.

Star Sarah Jessica Parker was personally involved in the recreation of her iconic character’s residence and the space was designed “in the most authentic way possible, full of Easter eggs to surprise and delight fans,” Airbnb spokesperson Liz DeBold Fusco told The New York Post. “Her apartment was eclectic without being cluttered, and it told the story of her personality with the never-ending piles of Vogues, overflowing closet, and, of course, the Post-it notes.”

Perks include access to Bradshaw’s wardrobe and shoes from Parker’s SJP footwear line. A cordless phone and a laptop will also be on-site for those who want to imitate Bradshaw’s late-night chats with girlfriends or perfect their dating-column writing skills, just like everyone’s favorite single gal. Unfortunately, sex is not included in the package (but a boozy brunch is, and sometimes that’s better).

The one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is only offered for a limited time – Nov. 12 and 13. Reservations open on Nov. 8 at noon ET at

While this news might not excite you, Mandatory men, we guarantee your girlfriend would kill to spend a night in this space. She might even throw a little somethin’ somethin’ your way if you managed to nab a reservation.

Cover Photo: Tara Rice / Airbnb



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