Ranked! The 10 Best Celebrity Surprise Cameos in Movie History

Ranked! The 12 Best Celebrity Surprise Cameos in Movie History

Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife leans into its relationship with Ivan Reitman’s original film. On top of featuring cameos from the OG busters, Afterlife sees Gozer the Gozerian return as the main villain. In the 1984 film, Gozer is played by Slavitza Jovan. In Afterlife, the baddie is embodied by none other than Olivia Wilde. 

If you didn’t notice that cameo, neither did we…At first. It was the perfect Easter Egg because it was easy to miss but awesome to behold. Every once in a while, filmmakers will throw a “Where’s Waldo?” moment into a movie, hiding an A-lister in plain sight. Think Brad Pitt in Deadpool 2 or Bill Murray in Zombieland. In honor of Wilde’s pitch-perfect work as Gozer, we’ve ranked the best surprise celebrity cameos in (recent) movie history. 

Disclaimer: Matt Damon is on this list more than you’d think. 

Cover Photo: Arjen Tuiten/Instagram

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