Nostalgia Alert: Ghostbusters’ Slimer Hi-C Returns Just in Time For the ‘Afterlife,’ There’s Nothing Ecto-Cooler

Photo: Coca-Cola

If you’re a child of the ’80s, you probably remember an iconic beverage lovingly referred to as Ecto-Cooler. First released to celebrate the arrival of ‘Ghostbusters II,’ this drink was pretty much simply Hi-C’s Citrus Cooler that was green in color (like the food-gobbling ghost known as Slimer) instead of the usual orange. We enjoyed it in juice box form, adorned with an image of the titular Slimer.

It briefly came back a few years ago when the ‘Ghostsbusters’ reboot was released. Just in time for ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife,’ this nostalgic drink is back again. Sadly, unlike in previous rereleases, it won’t be available at your local grocery store or corner bodega. Also, you won’t be able to drink it in a juice box. Hi-C is releasing Ecto-Cooler in 12-ounce bottles and you can only get some if you follow the brand’s social media channels.

To get your Slimer-centric juice, you have to apparently tag @DrinkHiC and @Ghostbusters social media pages with a green heart emoji, and “you may get slimed.” While this seems quite cryptic, we hope this will eventually lead to the drink being made available at grocery stores and online. In the meantime, we’re going to have a marathon of the first two movies. Maybe we’ll even throw on the reboot too.


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