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Ideal Penis Shape Revealed by New Study, How Is Yours Rounding Out?

Everyone asks themselves “Does size matter?” at some point in their sexual lives, but few ask about the shape of a man’s member. A new study by Medzino, however, attempts to pinpoint the perfect curvature (or lack thereof) of the penis as it relates to maximizing pleasure in the bedroom.

Just over 1,000 individuals were surveyed about their sexual experiences, and a whopping 71% agreed that size matters in the sack. But if you thought your worth was only measured in inches, think again. Almost half (48%) of those surveyed said that girth was more important than length. People also preferred cocks to be circumcised (68%) rather than uncut (11%).

Perhaps most surprising, however, is that respondents had strong opinions about the “ideal penis shape.” Almost one-third (31%) said that “the banana” (aka a dick that curves upwards) is the best way to be hung. The next most desirable dick shape with 20% of the vote was “the cucumber” or “the sausage,” meaning a straight dong. This was followed by “the upside-down banana” (12%) which curves downward and “the rocket popsicle” or “the cone” (7%) which boasts a big shaft and small head. Bringing up the rear was “the hammer” or “the mushroom” (5%) which features a smaller shaft and bigger head, and “the C-shape” (5%) which is curved sideways. A cowardly 19% said “there is no ideal penis shape.” (Yeah, right.)

So, gentleman, given this information, we have to ask: how’s it hangin’?

Cover Photo: igor_kell (Getty Images)