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Prostitute Evicted For Being Too ‘Loud’ While Working From Home During Pandemic, Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?

During the pandemic, a lot of us got stuck working from home, whether we wanted to or not. For many, there was an adjustment period as we learned to merge our professional lives with our personal space. But for one British woman, telecommuting (if we can even call it that) ended up getting her evicted. We could blame her line of work – she’s a prostitute – but the reason given for kicking her out of her home was that she was too loud while WFH.

And how could she not be? 29-year-old Nicola Parry apparently serviced up to 10 clients at a time in her Wythenshawe, Manchester, abode. Horny men would line up in their cars outside the public housing site every morning, then take turns getting their happy endings. Normally, she’d tend to these Johns at a brothel in the city’s center, but it was closed (like everything else) between November 2020 and February 2021. Yet business was booming, so much so that Parry hired three other girls to satisfy the demand for sex work.

But try explaining the trials of a working mother (Parry has a 6-year-old son) to her nosy neighbors, one of whom kept a log of the, um, comings and goings at her home and outed her to the cops. The housing association also sent a letter of complaint to Parry, after which, the lady of the night went up to her roof and demanded to know which of the “fucking bitches” turned her in.

She was eventually evicted and charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and drug possession. But don’t worry, gentlemen; this scrappy entrepreneur has since set up shop at an apartment above a massage therapy clinic in Blackpool. You can shut down some things, but Parry’s you-know-what is still open for business.

Cover Photo: 1001nights (Getty Images)



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