Teacher Who Once Had Sex With Student While Husband Was In The House Is Jailed Again

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Sounds like Kisha Nuckols hasn’t learned much of a lesson.

Let’s all talk about the 40-year-old former teacher’s aide who back in 2016 was spared any prison time after pleading guilty to having sex with a 17-year-old student while, and get this, her husband and children were in the house. Nuckols has now been tossed in jail after violating her probation for the second time. It seems like Nuckols failed to register her phone number with the Sex Offender Registry, and that violates terms of her probation.

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Nuckols broke the law and was arrested the first time around in April of 2016 and plead guilty to a felony child seduction count after admitting to sharing explicit photos and having sex multiple times with a student of hers from Mount Vernon School District northeast of Indianapolis. Oh, but there was more. Nuckols also admitted to having an inappropriate relationships with at least five other current and former students from the school. Nuckols would make contact with them through Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram, and then meet the students for sex. So it is clear this lady is a bag of trash.

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Fortville police were alerted to the allegations on March 29 by an administrator with the Mt. Vernon Community School Cooperation. According to court documents, Kisha Nuckols had sex with one 17-year-old at her Fortville home and would do so ‘at least 10 times’.

Court filings stated that Nuckols would tell the boy they had to be quiet because her husband and children were at home at the time. She also had sexual encounters in parked vehicles, with one car reportedly belonging to her own daughter. According to court records, when questioned about the allegations by police, Nuckols confessed to having inappropriate relationships with multiple students.

And since she broke terms of her probation recently, Nuckols has been was ordered to be held without bond until a March 1 fact-finding hearing.

Again, lady? Really? Teacher Who Went To Jail For Sexting Student Arrested Again After She’s Found Working At School