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Meanwhile in Tennessee: Woman Exchanges Sex With 9 Students For Vape Pens, Vaping Somehow Has Worse Reputation Now

Vaping is lame. We know this by now, right? If you’re going to smoke, pick up a cigarette and risk lung cancer like a real man. (We kid. Kinda sorta.) As Jonah Hill once wisely said, vape pens are “mouth fedoras.” But some people will do anything to get their hands on one.

Take a group of high school students in a small Tennessee town called Englewood, for example. They were persuaded to have sex with an older woman in exchange for the modern smoking devices.

The perp’s name is Melissa Blair, and she’s 38. According to police, she enticed at least nine male students at McMinn Central High School to have sex with her by offering them vape pens.

While Blair was not a teacher or employee at the school, she was involved in the school’s booster club (those still exist?!) and had a child in the local school system. It was an anonymous letter received by the school district that tipped authorities off regarding her behavior.

She’s since been banned from school property and activities, charged with a slew of crimes, and will likely go to jail until she’s a senior citizen.

Yikes. As if vape pens didn’t have a bad enough reputation already!

Cover Photo: McMinn County Sheriff’s Office



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