Meanwhile in Florida: Meth-Smuggling Granny Is Prison’s New Heisenberg, Finally a New Spinoff For ‘Breaking Bad’ Franchise

Hiding in plain sight. That’s how a 64-year-old jail cook was able to smuggle drugs into a Florida prison. It all went down at the Manatee County jail, where a woman who went by the code name “Granny” apparently snuck vape pens filled with THC and delta-8 as well as eyedrop containers filled with meth to prisoners by bringing her purse into the facility.

But when an inmate got so visibly high that prison guards took notice, the jig was up.

“As deputies started to talk to the inmates, one common name became familiar to all of us — that was the nickname ‘Granny,’” Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells said in a news conference. “Inmates told deputies that ‘Granny’ was bringing this contraband into the facility.”

Granny (whose real name is Gretchen Rupprecht) worked in the kitchen (of course she did) and cooked up the drug trafficking scheme with 35-year-old prisoner Corey Crews, on whom she apparently had a crush.

“For some reason, she fell for him and wanted to help him,” Wells explained.

Granny was paid a measly $25 per drug run…but she only did four before the authorities caught up with her.

“That’s a heck of a price to pay to land in jail for a woman who is 64 years of age and has never been incarcerated before. That’s mind-blowing to me,” he marveled. “But that was a choice she made.”

Granny confessed immediately upon arrest, and now faces prison time of her own.

Is it just us, or does this story merit a true-crime TV series? We’re thinking Breaking Bad meets Orange Is the New Black meets Golden Girls.

Cover Photo: Manatee County Sherriff



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