Watch Dwayne Johnson Get Pranked By His Daughter and Tub of Sticky Condiment, The Rock Is Not Cooking With This

What do you get when you put peanut butter on The Rock? Yes, it’s an ancient riddle full of fury, but it’s also the hilarious video of an unsuspecting dad getting pranked by his daughter and the stickiest condiment known to man.

Of course, the nutty dad happens to be the biggest-movie-star-on-the-planet Dwayne Johnson. And despite outsmarting a few goons in last year’s Red Notice, it didn’t take much for his 6-year-old daughter Jasmine to get the better of him using one simple line.

You’d think every dad knows what antics are a-cooking when their kid asks them to close their eyes whilst holding back a giggle, but somehow the classic line works every time. And a peanut butter facial is arguably the greatest gotcha known to man (just look at the smile on Jasmine’s face). If only she’d followed it up with a bowl of chopped pretzels.


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As you can see, The Rock handled it like a champ. And not surprisingly, peanut butter looks great on him.

With a world-class prankster in the making, we can’t wait to see what Jasmine does to her dear old dad next. We also can’t help but wonder how The Rock would react if we smashed the sh*t out of his face with peanut butter? (We’ve always wanted to be thrown the length of a football field.)

Cover Photo: Kevin Mazur (Getty Images)


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