Meanwhile in Toronto: Video of Man Risking Life in Snowstorm to Eat Out Already Peak 2022 Fail, No Not That ‘Eat Out’ Sadly

The only thing that can lead a man to greater lengths than a shot at sex is hunger. Because when that belly pang strikes, there’s no power in the universe that can stop us. Not even a snowstorm.

More often than not, this impulsive munchie madness leads to woe, like for the mysterious man of Scarborough who risked life and limb to grab takeout from his favorite restaurant only to discover they were closed. In his case, the bad news broke in the middle of a blizzard, as temperatures dropped below zero, and a sudden flurry forced drivers to shovel snow all the way home.

In fact, the whiteout was so total, Nicey’s Eatery couldn’t even get a staff member inside the building to shut off their “open” sign. Still, signage notwithstanding, it would have been smart for any would-be diners braving the blizzard to check to make sure the place was actually open first. (We blame the low blood sugar.)

Here’s what failure looks like in 2022:


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Like us, owner Valerie Lai couldn’t stop watching the video. “I was in disbelief, someone would come out of their house to get food in this weather,” she said. “I watched the video ten times and each time I feel bad.” As you should Valerie, as you should.

The saddest part might just be the ending when the forlorn man, now certain of his complete failure, has no idea where to go next. His future is but a bleak and empty trek into oblivion. Of course, it’s nice of Nicey’s Eatery to offer to comp his next meal, but we’re not even sure the dude will ever return. Few humans can survive a devastating blow like that on an empty stomach.


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Cover Photo: Instagram (Nicey’s Eatery)