Britney Spears and Madonna (Photo by Chris Polk/FilmMagic)

Madonna Wants to Reenact 2003 Kiss With Britney Spears on Joint Tour, We’ll Take a Ticket a Ride

Concerts are ever-so-slowly becoming a thing again after a two-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. One bill we’d kill to see involves Madonna and Britney Spears.

The Queen of Pop has hinted that she’d be down for a tour with the Princess of Pop – and that it would include a reenactment of their infamous 2003 MTV Video Music Awards kiss.

“Hell yeah!” the 63-year-old singer exclaimed on Instagram Live last week after a fan asked whether she would do a world tour again someday. “Stadium, baby! Me and Britney, what about that?”

She followed that enthusiasm up, however, with a disclaimer that she didn’t know if 40-year-old Spears (who recently disentangled herself from a toxic conservatorship) would “be into” the idea. But a girl can dream, and apparently, Madge has been thinking about this, waxing that it “would be really cool” and implying that “we could reenact the original [kiss].”

That kiss occurred when the two blondes performed Madonna’s tune “Hollywood” at the VMAs. Shortly thereafter, they released a track called “Me Against the Music,” a collaboration that appeared on Spears’ album In the Zone. Since then, the pair of pop stars have remained friends.

We can’t think of anything hotter than these two beauties sucking face onstage. Put us down for a ticket to ride!

Cover Photo: Christopher Polk / Contributor (Getty Images)



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