Madonna and Britney Spears are Shocking

Last week it was announced that Britney Spears would make some kind of virtual appearance in Madonna’s upcoming Sticky and Sweet Tour that kicks off in August, but full details were not known. Now, thanks to my Google Reader investigative journalism, you have to wait no more! The Sun UK reports:

The pair’s sexy shenanigans will be broadcast to the crowd on Madge’s upcoming world tour via 20ft screens…They will perform a mash-up of Madge track Beat Goes On and Britney’s Piece Of Me, while they are unwrapped from costumes that can only be described as bondage mummy. The pop duo will be wrapped in bandages which will then be unravelled by leather thong-clad male dancers…An on-set source revealed: “It’s absolutely classic Madonna. Probably the raunchiest stuff she has ever done. It leaves nothing to the imagination and will be very controversial. Britney and Madonna are unwrapped like mummies, to appear together almost naked apart from tiny leather bondage pants and knee-high boots. They then dance closely together, pressing their hands and bodies together. There will be big rows over whether it is sexy, shocking or both.”

I’m confused, is this tour gonna hit all 13 colonies? Are they making a stop in Jamestown? I really hope so, because then we can call Madonna controversial. If not, let’s just agree that she’s really not, she just likes to get naked a lot and sometimes she gets dry humped on stage by a black tranny wearing a mask with feathers on it. That’s gay, not shocking. Until Madonna summons the devil or sacrifices an immigrant family on stage, I don’t think watching Britney Spears waddling around and struggling to breathe because her fat ass is wrapped in some bandages is going to shake the foundation of what I think is controversial.


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