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Wipe-Out Watch: Shirtless Shawn Mendes Eats It While Literally Trying to Flex on Instagram

Shawn Mendes got a lesson in gravity – and humility – while trying to post a thirst trap on Instagram recently.

The Canadian singer-songwriter decided to get a shot of himself shirtless during a hike in Los Angeles. He was literally flexing when…whoops…he started to slide down the side of Runyon Canyon. His friends can be heard laughing in the background.


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“i guess that’s what i get,” he captioned the post, which included a pic and the vid set to John Mayer’s song “Gravity.”

This is all doubly ironic given that Mendes’ most recent music video release is for a song titled, “It’ll Be Okay.”

We sure hope it will. As far as we can tell, the only injury he suffered during this failed thirst trap was a bruised ego.

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