The 20 Funniest Working From Home Tweets

If you’re lucky enough to be employed right now, you’re likely working from home. When you first got word that you’d be conducting your office job from your living room couch, you were probably overjoyed. Who wouldn’t want to skip the hassle of sitting in rush-hour traffic, avoiding the critical gaze of their boss, and eating yet another ho-hum meal in the cafeteria with that coworker who chews with his mouth open? But now, several weeks into your telecommuting experience, you might be having mixed feelings about shitting (err…toiling) where you eat (live).

Thankfully, Twitter is just as — if not more — active than ever, and users have a lot of hilarious opinions about the new normal when it comes to their careers. These are the 20 funniest working from home tweets. Read ’em and weep — while laughing your ass off. No one’s around to see you anyway.

Cover Photo: NoSystem images (Getty Images)

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