The Mandatory Easy-Does-It Guide to Working During Terrorist Attacks From Home During a Global Pandemic

Life is rough right now. When this coronavirus pandemic started, many of us were overjoyed to be working from home. But 10 months later, we’re all feeling a little stir-crazy. The walls are closing in. We actually miss stupid water-cooler small-talk with our coworkers. (And we never thought we’d say that.)

On top of quarantine cabin fever, the world outside is in complete chaos – and we can’t stop clicking on news sites, turning on the radio stations, or watching the news channels that keep us informed of how it’s getting worse and worse every day. With unprecedented events like the Capitol insurrection and Trump’s second impeachment going on, how are we supposed to get any work done?

There is a way, and today, we’re going to show you how to get there. Just use these 10 tips to stay on task, increase your productivity, and keep on truckin’. Society may be falling apart, but your career doesn’t have to.

Cover Photo: Geber86 (Getty Images)

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