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A multi-ethnic group of four children, 5 to 7 years old, playing together on a playground during school recess. They are sitting side by side on two slides, looking at the camera. They are all wearing masks, back to school during the COVID-19 pandemic, trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

COVID Times: Kids Born During Pandemic Now Dubbed ‘Gen C,’ We Assume the ‘C’ Is Reference to All the Outted Karens

It was bound to happen. A generation has officially been named after the coronavirus pandemic. They’re called ‘Gen C’ (for Generation Covid, obviously) and their lives have been defined by a virus that has killed 2.6 million people and kept the rest of the living under house arrest for the past year.

One definition of Gen C includes children born between 2016 to the mid-2030s – because the effects of living through a pandemic last for years after the health crisis ends. Other experts believe Gen C should include teens and even college students who have had their lives upended since March 11, 2020, when the World Health Organization officially declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.

Some parents – especially those on TikTok – have managed to keep their sense of humor despite the damage the pandemic has done to their children’s social development. This viral video features a rewrite of the children’s classic “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”

@straushousePandemic babies unite! #momsoftiktok #pandemicbaby #clapyourhands #DailyVlog

♬ original sound – Becca

“If you’re a pandemic baby and you’ve been in quarantine your whole life so you get overstimulated by everything ’cause all the strangers that you see have masks on, and you’ve never really had a playdate in your life, clap your hands,” go the lyrics.

“We’re curious how all the community of kids are going to be when they finally can get together,” the mom who shared the video told CNN. “They’re all going to get together in a room and wonder, ‘Who are all these kids? What do I do? How do I go up to them and play with them?'”

Whether these kids will all turn out to be anxious introverts, we just don’t know yet. A lot depends on what happens this year.

Now the only question is: what do we dub the generation of kids raised by Karens?

Cover Photo: kali9 (Getty Images)

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