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Sexperts Predict Post-Pandemic Slutty Summer (And the STIs to Prove It)

If you are one of the lucky millions of Americans who managed to get vaccinated against Covid, we bet there’s one thing you’re looking forward to more than any other. No, we’re not talking about eating in a restaurant or drinking at a bar. We’re not talking about going maskless with your friends and family. We’re definitely not talking about going to church. We’re talking about getting laid.

Indulging in casual sex has to be the most anticipated activity on everyone’s minds post-pandemic. Do any of these sentiments sound familiar?

As BuzzFeed News reported, the sexperts are predicting a very promiscuous summer. “I think people will be making up for lost time, so to speak, and I am fully expecting a period of unfettered sexual expression,” Ina Park, an associate professor at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, told the site.

There’s just one downside to all the sex we’re about to start having…STIs are also expected to skyrocket. Like coronavirus, STIs are often spread asymptomatically. That means your sex machine partner may pass on diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HPV to you unintentionally.

Of course, we all know how to prevent these by now, right? Condoms, condoms, condoms. They’re like masks for your genitals, and they keep everyone involved safe. And just like Covid, you should get tested for STIs regularly, even if you don’t feel like anything’s amiss.

Testing is especially important now, before you get out there and start getting it on again, because a lot of people put off non-emergency healthcare visits and lab work during the pandemic. And once you get that clean bill of health, don’t be ashamed to ask potential partners if they’ve been tested recently, too. Because unlike COVID, there aren’t vaccines for STIs (except HPV).

To recap: get tested. Speak up. Be safe. Don’t let your long-awaited sexual free-for-all fuck you in the…well, you get the idea…

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