Group of friends are celebrating together with confetti while they are dancing outdoor. They are wearing protective face masks.

8 Fun and Exciting Ways to Catch Covid Before It’s Gone

Even though the virus that dominated the headlines, took a million American lives, and turned our entire way of life upside down in 2020 and most of 2021 appears to be winding down, Covid is by no means gone. For people who haven’t injected bleach or horse dewormer in themselves (instead opting for the so-called “weird and crazy” vaccine) catching Covid and becoming severely ill and possibly dying is not nearly as terrifying as it was before the vaccine. However, the infinite variants have increased hospitalizations and may push “the ‘Rona” to be as contagious as measles.

But long gone are the days of stimmy checks, lockdowns, and re-watching The Office for the gazillionth time with your dog or cat. Yes, those were indeed some weirdly soothing times and the new normal that most of us thought would be permanent. But now that the world economy opened back up simultaneously, it’s back to crushing capitalism with a side of hyperinflation — in addition to dealing with your stupid co-workers in person and on Zoom. Did y’all really think you were going to be able to avoid showering and not wearing pants during work meetings forever?

For those of you fortunate enough to somehow avoid ever getting “the ‘Rona,” here are eight fun and exciting ways to catch Covid before it’s gone.

Cover Photo: FilippoBacci (Getty Images)