Sesame Street’s Elmo Gets COVID-19 Vaccine (And Anti-Vaxxers Are Throwing a Tantrum on Twitter)

In the slowest rollout ever, children under 5 years old (and as young as 6 months old) are finally eligible for COVID-19 vaccines. One of the first kids to get their initial dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine was Elmo, that loveable little red monster who lives on Sesame Street.

In a public service announcement released yesterday by Sesame Workshop, the 3 ½-year-old discussed his vaccine experience with his dad, Louie.

“Elmo got the COVID vaccine today, just like Elmo’s mommy and daddy!” the little monster tweeted. “Elmo’s daddy had a lot of questions, but Elmo’s doctor said the vaccine would help keep Elmo healthy, and all of Elmo’s friends and family too! #CaringForEachOther”

But anti-vaxxers (the reason why we can’t have nice things) refused to leave the little guy alone. No one, not even toddlers or monsters, are immune to their vitriol. And things got morbid quickly.

Others just came to laugh at the right-wingers having a toddler-worthy tantrum on Twitter.

At the end of the day, the debate isn’t whether or not to vaccinate your children, it’s what kind of being Elmo is. Muppet? Puppet? Monster? Hint: there’s only one right answer.

Cover Photo: Sesame Street Workshop


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