Sony Mistakes ‘Morbius’ Memes For Interest, Re-Releases Worst Movie Ever (Now Look What You’ve Done)

Despite literally no one asking for it, Morbius is back in theaters. That’s right folks, the so-called Summer of Morbius continues with an ironic twist of fate for the worst movie of the year. This shocking revelation comes after the film was unceremoniously dumped on April Fools’ Day after years of delays. 

Although the movie grossed just about double its production budget with $163.4 million at the global box office, the film was trashed by fans and critics alike. The result was a dismal 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Indeed, Morbius is so is so bad that it makes Twilight look like a masterpiece. So how does such a bad movie get a 1,000 theater re-release two months later? Enter, the internet.

After the cruel prank that was the original theatrical release of Morbius, the good people of the internet quickly discovered that the movie was prime meme fodder.  And with a single, harmless tweet, the term “It’s Morbin’ Time” was born.

As film Twitter usually does, things got turned up to 11, with numerous memes making fun of the movie. While this itself is a legitimately funny play on the famous Power Rangers catchphrase, the “Morb” related memes just kept on flowing. This led the film to trend for several weeks straight on the Twitterverse. Unfortunately for the general public, Sony executives took notice of this social media resurgence. 

Just as some began to express concern that the pure amount of memeage would single-handedly will a sequel into existence, Sony decided to do the unthinkable — re-release a terrible movie into theaters in hopes of cashing in on the movie’s newfound success. Because of capitalism, you see. 

And just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, the unthinkable happened. Jared Leto hijacked the damn meme. As if he was in on the joke the whole time. Ha. Ha.

If you thought that this reference was funny, you should google “Jared Leto teenagers” for more info on the Morbius sequel. Nevertheless, the night is always darkest before dawn, and the Internet had one more trick up its sleeve. As it turns out, the “interest” in Morbius was merely an internet ruse of epic proportions, with the film grossing a pitiful $85,000 on Friday night (June 3). 

Aside from having the rare distinction of underwhelming audiences two times in the span of an equal amount of months, the true question is whether Sony executives realized this was the point of the meme in the first place. To put things into perspective, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbeldore was able to scrape together $100K on half as many screens. We guess the joke is on Sony. 

The best part about the whole saga of Morbius is that it seems destined for an endless cycle of ironic memes that will eventually lead the film to achieve cult status. In turn, this will inevitably trigger another re-release in theaters, which also flop. And so on, and so forth. Thus, the cycle of this thing that we call existence continues.

Cover Photo: Sony


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