Worst Reviews Ever: ‘Morbius’ Gets the Most Morbid Reactions

In the latest edition of Worst Reviews Ever, we’re pulling together the best audience movie reviews on the internet. From the funny to the ironic, the truthful to the downright silly, we’re diving into the deep, dark rabbit hole of online movie fandom.

By this point, there’s no doubt that Morbius is one of the worst-reviewed movies in the year of our Lord, 2022. It’s the type of film that is as inept as it is antiquated – something that would probably have been a big hit in 2003. Aside from this, the movie’s biggest sin is that it’s completely devoid of personality, much like Jared Leto himself. Unfortunately for the dozens of fans of the source material out there, It seems that the so-called “Summer of Morbius” is a bust after all. Truth be told, it’s honestly just a relief to finally be done with the Morbius trailers that moviegoers were subjected to during the pandemic.

Even though Morbius is pretty much universally hated, that has only encouraged users of the platform from giving their brutally honest reviews of the movie and even Leto himself. Ironically enough, it seems that Morbius has gotten the most morbid reactions possible.

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