Tyrese Falling For Prank ‘Morbius’ Review Makes Sitting Through the Worst Move This Year Somehow Worth It

The only thing that sucks more than living through a pandemic is enduring another April Fools’ Day during a pandemic. In a world where everything has gone to shit, pranking people with terrible jokes is something that we could all honestly do without. Ironically enough, Morbius, a movie that no one asked for, was also released this past April Fools’ Day. While this led many to believe that the movie itself was merely an elaborate prank on the part of Sony, that unfortunately turned out to be untrue.

Morbius is undoubtedly one of the worst Marvel movies of all time, and yet the discourse around the Jared Leto superhero movie is arguably more entertaining than the film itself. Enter Tyrese Gibson, whose antics outside of his film career mirror that of Morbius – uninteresting and far past its prime. Much to the entertainment of his Instagram followers, it seems that Tyrese may have us rethinking our hatred for April Fools Day.

On a dreaded day, Twitter User @Lynchreborn tweeted a fake review of Morbius with a photoshopped image of none other than Martin Scorsese attending the premiere. The fake review reads ”I was aghast to find out it was based on a comic book. This is the truest height of cinema and even I cannot top it. A wise man admits when he is wrong and I was wrong, I apologize to all comic book movies.” Naturally, Gibson saw this and believed it was real, sharing a since-deleted Instagram post where he thanked the legendary director for his kind comments.

“​​Wow wow wow I can’t believe what just happened whoa,” Gibson wrote on Instagram. “Cheers and hats off to you [director Daniel Espinosa] this is so amazing King! This is the KING of KINGS of cinema Martin Scorsese this is huge.” Let’s be honest with ourselves – Tyrese thinking that Scorsese actually called Morbius the height of cinema is the reason why social media was invented and arguably one of the funniest things to happen this year.

Cover Photo: Sony


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