Matthew McConaughey Wants to Eliminate 1 Word From the Dictionary (Can You Guess What It Is?)

Photo:  Tim Warner (Getty Images)

Whether he’s teasing running for governor of Texas, acting in our favorite movies, selling Wild Turkey bourbon, or enthusiastically rooting for the University of Texas football team, Matthew McConaughey can almost do no wrong in our opinion. We celebrate his whole catalog of work from Dazed and Confused, True Detective, Interstellar, and even Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. If it has the McConaughey in it, chances are we’re watching.

But a recent video made by the famed actor has us scratching our heads and that’s because he’s asking for a well-known, timeless word to be removed from the dictionary. While we kind of get what he’s trying to say, we’d never advocate removing a word from the dictionary (except for one of the contemporary buzz words that won’t stand the test of time).

The word that McConaughey has a problem with is “unbelievable.” And, if you think about it, he has a point. The word is sort of nonsensical. In a recent video, he explained his opinion of the word by saying, “We shouldn’t think that the most beautiful sunset or the greatest play or the greatest love of our life or the greatest moment of euphoria is unbelievable. Believe it.”

He also pointed out that natural disasters and tragedies are simply a part of life and while saddening, we should always believe that these types of things happen. He added that the definition of unbelievable means “too improbable for belief.” This is where we agree with the Sahara star. If you use the literal definition, you’d never use the word unbelievable because in most cases it is quite believable.

And while we’re still not OK with anyone removing the word from the dictionary, maybe we’ll be a little more cautious when using it in the future. You should too. Because it would be “pretty cool if you did.”


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