Meanwhile in Australia: Buff Kangaroo Goes Viral For Sex Appeal, And We Concur

We’re not down with bestiality (how can one have sex with a creature that can’t consent?!) but we will admit that some animals have a certain…allure. And one kangaroo in particular is getting a whole lotta internet attention for its sex appeal.

The unnamed animal resides in Adelaide, South Australia, where a 50-year-old dance studio owner and amateur shutterbug named Deborah Schutz snapped some pics of the marsupial that have gone viral.

“It has been one of the highest liked images on my Instagram account,” Schutz told Caters News Agency.

“Big Old Red dozing in the late afternoon sun,” she captioned one such pic of the Red Kangaroo, adding that it’s one of the biggest kinds of kangaroos, weighing up to 90 kg and standing 2 meters tall.

This ‘roo in particular clocks in at an impressive 6 feet, 5 inches and has muscles that’d make even action movie stars envious.

Schutz was volunteering at Cleland wildlife park when she discovered this hairy stud.

“I then came across this fellow, and he was just lazing in the sun under the huge gum trees,” said Schutz. “He is a big red kangaroo. When he stands, he looks incredible. His muscles were certainly huge.”

People went nuts for the kanga and his laidback modeling pose, which one commenter dubbed, “a sexy calendar shot.”

“What a powerful torso, he looks formidable even at rest!” someone else opined.

“It certainly shows the power and size of this species Deb!” another said.

While the animal looks pretty chill, stans beware: kangas can get quite violent if they feel threatened.

“They will do what they can to protect themselves,” Schutz said. “In the wild, never approach one, especially of this size, as he would feel threatened if you got this close.”

No worries there. We’ll just admire him from afar. We have a feeling we’d totally lose a fight to this dude.

Cover Photo: Instagram



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