Justin Bieber Tests Positive For Covid 2 Days Into World Tour, Omicron Shows First Signs of Having Good Taste in Music

We may have judged omicron too soon. Sure, it’s super contagious, responsible for overcrowded hospitals, and has prolonged the worst pandemic in four generations. But at least it has good taste in music. Just ask Justin Bieber, who was forced to postpone his yearlong world tour after testing positive on Day 2 (of 400).

The setback is just one of many the tour has faced over the past two years. Bieber was originally planning a different world tour way back in 2020 but had to cancel it due to the pandemic. (Covid 2-Beiber 0). He ended up putting out a whole new album during his downtime, re-branding the tour from Changes to Justice with a combined setlist from both projects.

Tour kicked off in San Diego to a sold-out crowd at Pechanga Arena, who, despite cheap seats averaging $136, mostly chose to watch the concert through their Android screens.

See for yourself:

We know. It’s giving you butterflies, right? And that was just the intro. Now imagine how the actual music portion of the show would hit on a headful of omicron.

Oh wait, you don’t have to. There’s a video of that too:

While fans at the opening night were thrilled to see the Canadian pop idol strut his stuff, this footage shows Bieber may have already been suffering from a little-known side effect of early Covid known as bad dancing. Luckily, the champ is resting up with Hailey and has already rescheduled his Vegas dates for June.

No matter what happens from here, we’ll always have the brief respite omicron gave us, not only from Biebs but also from JADEN, who’s billed as the opening act. They say miracles happen all around us, and we used to have our doubts. But these divine interventions have made us true Beliebers.

Cover Photo: Kevin Mazur (Getty Images)


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