brokeback mountain

Mandatory Movie Battles: ‘The Power of the Dog’ vs. ‘Brokeback Mountain’

The Power of the Dog is an Oscar darling this year, with an astonishing 12 nominations. But it isn’t the first feature film about gay cowboys in recent memory. Brokeback Mountain, which preceded it in 2005, was nominated for eight Academy Awards of its own, the most for any film that year.

Both flicks focus on gay male characters struggling to reconcile their identities with unaccepting societies. Both boast strong casts and beautiful scenery. Both are period pieces adapted from literature. But which story touched us more? Which made us hornier? And which made us fall asleep faster than a fistful of Ambien?

All will be revealed as we delve into the latest Mandatory Movie Battle, in which we pit Jane Campion’s sweeping Western against Ang Lee’s bittersweet drama.

Warning: spoilers for both films ahead!


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