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Mandatory Tweets: The Funniest Tweet Reactions to Actor Sam Elliott Slamming ‘The Power of the Dog’

We’ll admit it: we here at Mandatory aren’t huge fans of The Power of the Dog, but that’s mostly due to the slow-as-fuck pacing and the passive-aggressive climax. Actor Sam Elliott, however, has some strong opinions about the film (or as he called it “that piece of shit”) that he shared on a recent episode of WTF With Marc Maron.

Among his complaints about the 12-time-Oscar-nominated film were that cowboys in the film (most notably played by the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch) were akin to Chippendale’s dancers “who wear bowties and not much else.”

“That’s what all these fucking cowboys in that movie looked like,” Elliott griped. “They’re all running around in chaps and no shirts, there’s all these allusions to homosexuality throughout the fucking movie.”

Then he spewed some vitriol at director Jane Campion because he’s an equal-opportunity hater.

“She’s a brilliant director, I love her previous work, but what the fuck does this woman from down there, New Zealand, know about the American West?” he asked. “And why the fuck did she shoot this movie in New Zealand and call it Montana and say ‘this is the way it was?’ That rubbed me the wrong way, pal.”

So just to be clear, Sam: the gay cowboys rubbed you the wrong way? (Ahem.) There’s so much homophobia and misogyny here, we don’t even know where to start unpacking it all. Luckily, we don’t have to take Elliott to task – Twitter did it for us. These are the funniest Twitter reactions to Sam Elliott slamming The Power of the Dog.

















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