Kangaroos Are Trying to Communicate With Us, New Study Says (Most Likely That They Want to Punch Us in the Face)

Photo:  John Crux Photography (Getty Images)

We here in the United States don’t know much about kangaroos besides what we’ve seen in movies and the internet. So, our knowledge of the strange, hopping marsupial is limited. Based on what we’ve seen, we can only assume that kangaroos are jacked, menacing, angry animals that want nothing more than to punch you in the face. This is regardless of whether or not they’re wearing comically large boxing gloves or their bare, horrifying knuckles. But, new research says that regardless of whether or not they plan to knock you out with one, massive punch like a young Mike Tyson, they actually want to communicate with us.

Australian researchers at the University of Roehampton and the University of Sydney found that it isn’t just dogs and cats that are interested in our affection and companionship, but maybe kangaroos too.

They studied young marsupials that haven’t been domesticated at three different places in the country. They found that when they find food in a closed box, they look at humans for help the same way a cat or dog would. Instead of ignoring us and simply attempting to open the box, they look to humans first. Scientists say that this is a type of behavior that is usually only seen in domesticated animals.

And it wasn’t just a few kangaroos who displayed these qualities. Ten of 11 kangaroos tested made a point to look at the person who added the food to the box. To add to that, nine of the 11 kangaroos looked back and forth between the human and the box, waiting for it to open.

While this new research shows that kangaroos might be more similar to dogs and cats than previously known, it should be noted that this research definitely doesn’t apply to wild, adult kangaroos. They do want to punch you in the face.

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