Meanwhile in Texas: Amber Alert Mistakenly Used For Possessed Doll

Photo: Universal Pictures

We’ve all seen Amber Alerts pop up on our phones from time to time. It’s a message displaying information about a missing or abducted child. It’s not usually used to alert people about a missing cursed doll. But that’s exactly what happened in Texas. Well, sort of.

The Texas Department of Public Safety issued an Amber Alert at the end of January for the malevolent, murderous, cursed doll Chucky from the Child’s Play movies. It should be noted that, in case you were beginning to get terrified and considering hiding all of your knives, the scary doll doesn’t actually exist and therefore was not missing.

Photo: Texas Department of Public Safety

It was revealed afterward that the issuing of the terrifying alert was an accident. It was sent to subscribers three times and it described the suspect in question as dressed in “blue denim overalls with multi-colored striped long sleeve shirt” and the additional information stating that he was seen “wielding a huge kitchen knife.” Chucky was said to have abducted “Gen Ray.” Fans of the film Seed of Chucky might know him as the son of the titular doll.

While this might seem like someone’s horrifically sick joke, it was an accident. Someone set up the alert as a system test. Obviously, it wasn’t actually meant to go out to subscribers. The department apologized for the mistake. Let’s hope they don’t “mistakenly” send out any future alerts for insane, movie murderers. Our hearts probably can’t take any more stress.

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