Vitamin C What I Did There? 4 Plane Passengers Eat 66 Pounds of Oranges to Avoid Paying Fees

Photo: Alexander Spatari (Getty Images)

If you fly often, you’ve been there before. You know, that moment when you get to airport security only to realize you have a full bottle of water in your bag. Sure, water from your tap is pretty much free. But, that bottle of Poland Spring Natural Spring Water cost you two bucks. You’re not going to simply toss it in the trash. If you’re like us, you stand there and chug the whole thing before going through security. You have to stay hydrated right and one bottle is no big deal. What if you found yourself in a similar situation but with 66 pounds of oranges instead of one bottle of water. What would you do?

According to a video posted on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo last month, this is exactly what happened recently at an airport in Kunming, China. In the video, four passengers decided that, instead of paying a $46 luggage fee to transport their organs, the group would simply eat all 66 pounds before heading through security.

To add to the hilarious tale, it took them less than a half-hour to eat all of the citrus fruits. According to a local newspaper, one of the men was quoted as saying that he ate so many oranges that he doesn’t want to ever eat one again. We can understand why he’d feel that way. But, he better find another way to get vitamin C. It’s always important to keep that immune system in tip-top shape. Especially if you’re planning to fly anymore during the COVID pandemic.

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