Ranked! Shower Beers: The 10 Greatest Cold Ones to Enjoy With a Hot Soak

If you’ve never enjoyed the majesty of a shower beer, we feel bad for you. If you’re new to this practice, it’s really quite simple and the explanation is right there in the name. It’s literally a beer you sip on while you take a shower. The reasons for this include: you’re in a hurry, you’re an obsessive multi-tasker, or you simply just want a beer while you get clean using soap and water. This practice is so common that you can even buy shower beer (or wine or cocktail) holders that can be suctioned to your shower wall.

But, while we’ve educated you on the mystique of shower beer consumption, we need to explain the rules a little further. We’re not here to tell you that you can’t drink your favorite beer. Just know that you might not be happy with your choice to attempt to drink a whole 13 percent barrel-aged stout or 10 percent barley wine. It’s just not a good idea unless you’re one of those weirdos who shower for a half hour. Instead, try one of these lower ABV, thirst-quenching brews perfectly suited to be paired with a refreshing, and cleansing shower.

Photo: Jose A. Bernat Bacete (Getty Images)

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