BrewDog Opens The World’s First Beer Hotel

Photo: @beerdogusa on Instagram

There are hotels themed after just about everything these days. There are Lego hotels. There are ice hotels. There are haunted hotels. There are even underwater hotels. But given the choice, wouldn’t you rather stay at the world’s first and only beer hotel?

BrewDog, a multinational brewery that began in Scotland, opened its first U.S. brewery last year in Columbus, Ohio. After much success, the company decided that opening a beer hotel would be their next entrepreneurial move.

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Dubbed the “hoppiest place on Earth,” BrewDog’s DogHouse hotel will feature 32 rooms and eight suites, some of which allow man’s best friend to also stay overnight. Each room comes equipped with a minibar stocked with various cans of BrewDog. There’s even a tap option if draft beer is more your style. Each bathroom shower also comes with a built-in refrigerator, so a chilled brewski is no more than an arm’s length away as you lather up with beer-scented soap. Prices are reasonable: the standard rate is $162 a night; the BrewMaster suite starts at $284.

It’s not just your room that will be beer-centric, as the DogHouse spa will feature hoppy beer treatments along with an on-site brewing museum, so you’ll have plenty to do outside of pretending to play brew master in your suite. You’ll even be able to watch the brewing process take place in multiple locations throughout the hotel.

Unfortunately, the much anticipated in-room beer Jacuzzis, which were said to be one of the hotel’s most desired features when it was initially announced, did not make it into the building phase, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be added at a later date.

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BrewDog says they plan on opening a second beer hotel, likely in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, in late 2019. But if you’re ready to spend a few nights in the world’s only beer-themed hotel right now, you better act fast. Reservations are already limited and the dog-friendly rooms are almost all sold out.


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