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Mandatory Good News: Two Very Good Dogs Deliver Beer Curbside to Save Their Mom’s Company

There’s a reason we love dogs. They’re furry, four-legged, snuggle buddies that we honestly can’t live without. We feed them, give them water, take them outside, and all we ask is that they fall asleep on us while we watch Netflix in the evening. Some of us spend large amounts of money and time to train them to do silly, seemingly unnecessary tricks and not bark at the neighborhood postal worker. Others use their very presence to brighten someone’s day while also helping to deliver beer.

This is a story of two slobbering, sweet pooches who are on a mission to get beer to you in the age of coronavirus. Well, that is if you live near the Six Harbors Brewing Company in Huntington, New York.

Photo: Six Harbors Brewing Company

Like many breweries, Six Harbors owners Karen and Mark Heuwetter weren’t prepared for the government shutdown of breweries all over the country. Since nothing like this has ever happened before in contemporary America, the couple didn’t have a backup plan and, in the coming weeks, lost more than 70 percent of their business.

That’s when they decided to make a change to their delivery personnel. Instead of just a boring human delivering their frosty brews, they decided to bring along their dogs Barley and Buddy. And these pups don’t just sit in the car looking adorable; they actually carry the cans from the car to the customer’s doors. Not only do the beer fans get to up their supply of brews, they also get the enjoyment of a dog delivery. There’s no news on whether the addition of dog delivery has increased their overall sales, but we know that if we lived on Long Island, we’d gladly order a six-pack to meet these furry friends.

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